“Regan approached me a short while ago with a dilemma, an entire section worth of hd footage (some of which i filmed myself) and nowhere to put it. sometimes things don’t work out for various reasons and because of these life mashes,the footage was left now homeless. not wanting to see it just flung online i thought it would be a good idea to craft it into something and add it to our scene video..Hull Metal Jacket as a little brucy bonus for the premier and the dvd itself. for those of you at the premier who have seen it, you will know it’s his best footage so far, the guy is a beast and I’m proud to have edited this little ditty together to show to you now. in conjunction with tomorrows release of Hull Metal Jacket, allow me to present to you… Regan’s bonus section to wet your skatebuds. please….enjoy.” – Mike Foreman

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