First things first, you want to tell us a bit about yourself and who you’re sponsors are?
I’m currently representing Levis Skateboarding as a European ambassador for the brand, I ride direct for Destructo trucks in the US, I’m on the UK Bones Wheels team and ride for Native Skate Store up in Newcastle.

Back Nose Blunt - photo by Adam Todhunter

Back Nose Blunt – photograph by Adam Todhunter

You were riding for Fabric Skateboards what happened there?
I was basically was doing my own thing, travelling to the states which didn’t fit in with the direction of Fabric, I knew it wasn’t working for a while and cracks started to develop. I held on for a while because I do really like Fabric and obviously ride for Native too so I didn’t want to upset anyone. I parted ways on mutual terms as I knew I wasn’t that involved and Jackie knew I wasn’t either, so we had a chat. I have a lot of respect for Jackie who asked me to ride for both Fabric & Native, thanks mate it’s unfortunate but I guess it is how things sometimes go… I’m still riding for Native so there is no hard feelings, Fabric is rad and I wish the brand all the best, i’m still close with some of the riders who are still good friends.
I just wanted to do something different with my Skateboarding, have a new adventure and go places I’ve never been before, which is what it is all about right? Doing your own thing and exploring the planet.
The US has got me stoked at the moment, it’s good to see where Skateboarding has come from, however that doesn’t mean I don’t want to go anywhere else though, I’ve got plans for a trips to Dubai, Australia and more European cities.
I’d still ride for Fabric if they were down to support my vision of Skateboarding, but like I mentioned me wanting to skate in the states just does’t tie in with the direction of Fabric, which is UK based.

Switch K - photo by Rob Salmon

Switch K – photo by Rob Salmon

So can you tell us what comes next after Fabric?
I’ve been talking to a couple of brands which I feel I’m into, I’m not rushing into anything soon as I was with Fabric for 4 years, so I feel like I just need a bit of time before I move onto something new.

What’s happening with Lakai are you still riding for them, I heard things have been changing there?
I was getting flowed shoes via Form distribution which is like the UK thing for a couple of years, then after a couple of visits to the states I was getting them direct from Kelly as well, who was the TM for Lakai at the time. Everything has changed as all the GIRL brands got acquired by Altamont Capital which is an investment firm. Lakai,including all the other GIRL brands,have stopped flowing a lot of people due to this change, plus a few people have left including Kelly. I didn’t know what was happening since Kelly had left so talked with the new TM, he was stoked on what I was doing coverage wise and wanted to still help me out. I said not to worry about it if it’s going to be a hassle with all the changes, just let me know if anything changes in the future and we can have a chat if I’ve not managed to get something else sorted out.

Flip Back Tail on a hench Santa Monica ledge - photo by Danny Bulmer

Flip Back Tail on a hench Santa Monica ledge – photo by Danny Bulmer

What else has been happening in the world of Paul Regan recently, you getting big in the jet setting game?
Ha, Yes I guess, I’ve been to the US this year and Europe. I enjoy travelling and the adventure of going somewhere new, meeting new people, making new friends and skating rad spots.

You’ve just been to Berlin last month, what was it like there?
Berlin is dope, very European, dudes drinking beer at 8am before work, apparently it is legal there to have a couple of beers at work? No wonder they’re all so relaxed ha ha. It was a good trip, I went with some friends so it was pretty chilled, skating, drinking beer and good times. Big up Royce, Aidan & Alex for a good trip, can’t wait for the next one boys.

Pupecki grind into a bank in Berlin - photo by Joel Peck

Pupecki grind into a bank in Berlin (180 Switch Nose Grind) – photo by Joel Peck

You always seem to be heading over to the states as well, is that a regular thing?
I have yeah, I’ve been there five times now. I try to stay out there for a couple of months at a time for a bit of a break & obviously have good skate missions. It’s rad, like I said before- the US has got me intrigued as it is the birthplace of Skateboarding, the weather is amazing and people are really friendly. I’ve met some good friends out there, I just enjoy going over a couple of times a year and having a good time, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to live there or trying to be big time, like I said before It’s just a new adventure and I’m enjoying it as that is what it is all about.

Monstrous ditch bound Nollie Flip in Los Angeles - photo by Mikey Gee

Monstrous ditch bound Nollie Flip in Los Angeles – photo by Mikey Gee

What’s it really like on one of these skate trips, you all living in luxury Santa Monica beach houses or ballin’ on a budget?
It depends really, I’ve been fortunate enough to be helped out by sponsors with the trips for flights and accommodation as I’m out there Skating, getting coverage, so it all works out, I wouldn’t say you’re ballin’ out there but you live comfortably as you get a good exchange rate from the pound to dollar. ‘The pound is stronger than the dollar, hola!’ – look those lyrics up, dope song.

Switch Flip - photo by Mikey Gee

Switch Flip – photo by Mikey Gee

Got any future adventures in the works?
Yeah for sure, i’ve always got something up my sleeve so to speak. I’m looking to go out to the states again over the New Year for a couple of months with a few of the lads, should be about 6-7 of us in total so it will be a sick trip. I’m keen to get to a couple more European cities in the middle of the year then hit up Dubai at some point- if anyone is keen to jump on board, the place looks too good.

You can’t be working a regular 9-5 job with all these trips to foreign lands?
No, I don’t have a regular 9-5, I’m fortunate enough to live off Skateboarding through the teaching and getting paid a bit from sponsors which I’m grateful for. I also do bits on the side with my Kickboxing & media stuff.

Hench ollie over a bench - photo by Adam Todhunter

Hench ollie over a bench – photo by Adam Todhunter

You’ve been teaching kids to skate right? How did that come about?
I got involved with teaching Skateboarding in 2009 when I wanted to try and do something more positive in the community, I’ve always wanted to try be a better person and do something good for others. I was a freelance coach working alongside several of the Skate schools and Skate camps around the UK, gaining the necessary experience & qualifications, then I set up my own Skate School in 2010 named ‘Active Skateboarding’ with the aim of getting more young people active and participating in Skateboarding.

What’s the deal with The Skateboard Association; can you explain what it’s there for and why we need it?
The Skateboard Association is there to be a guide for Councils, Sports partnerships, Schools, Coaches & Skate Parks offering advice and services with getting a Skate park to coaching information and helping to run events. I founded The Skateboard Association in 2014 with one aim in mind, to give back to the Skateboarding community and young people. It is a Not-for-Profit organisation/Social Enterprise which acquires funding to put back into the community, for example, we have funding programs which entails helping local authorities re develop skate parks and build new ones. This involves having employees to go check out Skate Parks to make sure they’re up to a good safety standard for people to use, if they’re not we’ll gather information to put forward to councils to do something about it.

Chest high Switch Ollie through a Scarborough Archway - photo by Rob Salmon

Chest high Switch Ollie through a Scarborough Archway – photo by Rob Salmon

What’s the Hull scene like at the moment, seems to be a lot of shredding going on there recently?
Hull is always on the up, there is constantly new faces emerging in the scene, it is amazing. We’ve just recently released the new Hull skate scene DVD ‘Hull Metal Jacket’ which features an array of faces from the past 10 years, including OG heads Scott Palmer, Banksy, Nobby & Eggy! The DVD is rad go grab a copy! Big up Mike Foreman for filming the majority of the video and editing it. If you would like a copy hit up the Welcome To Hull Facebook page.

Hull Metal Jacket dropped a couple of months back now, noticed you’re rocking the double part, how did that come about?
Yeah that is correct as mentioned previously. Well I already had a full part but was sitting on a good 3 min of HD footage which was meant to go towards the new Fabric promo, obviously with parting ways I was stuck with somewhere for the footage to go, I didn’t want to just have another online part which would get lost in the internet so I asked Foreman if I could put it as an extra in Hull Metal Jacket, he said yes. Job done!

Schoolyard Nollie Front Heels - photo by Graham Tait

Schoolyard Nollie Front Heels – photo by Graham Tait

I heard there’s some fancy ideas floating about the city in the coming years, are we gonna see Hull become more skater friendly, while some of our southern friends get slapped with ASBO’s?
Yes this is also true! Well certainly in Hull anyway. I’ve been working along side the councils through The Skateboard Association giving them advice about the parks and street furniture. I talked with the head who deals with development in the city and mentioned about Skate stoppers and how they’ll always be ripped out, in turn costing the council thousands in maintenance. I simply suggested putting angle iron on the benches/ledges they will be putting in place for the city of culture redevelopment and having designated times for skaters to use the street furniture. For example, if the pedestrians are sitting on the benches then you obviously cannot use them, a sort of right of way approach giving the pedestrian the right to use the seat but still giving the skater the opportunity to use the obstacle. I put the approach in the favour of the pedestrian for obvious reasons, this was welcomed by the council and they’re going to look into putting angle iron on all the new benches etc instead of skate stoppers. Which I previously mentioned will just get ripped out and the marble etc will get chipped, this was a simple solution to their problems of skate vandalism.

Bay Area Front Nose - photo by Mikey Gee

Bay Area Front Nose – photo by Mikey Gee

Any final words of wisdom?
Skate more and have fun with it because that it what it is all about, do your own thing and don’t follow trends, don’t listen or care about what other people think of you. Try give back to the community or try do something positive for other people, it is one of the best things you can do. Don’t take Skating or yourself too seriously, no one likes a stuck up div. Thanks to my family friends, Jackie & Bish at Fabric Skateboards for the good times, Native Skate store, Filip at Levis Skateboarding, Lisa & Gary at Destructo trucks, Alan at Shiner for hooking up Bones wheels, Matt/Alex at Form Distribution and Kelly when he was at Lakai – cheers for all the support it is always appreciated. Easy.

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