21st July saw York’s first Go Skateboarding Day event take place, sponsored by Popcorn Skate Store, Think Culture Clothing and Decent Peoples Clothing.

What had started out as a plan to go out filming on the streets of York with a few friends quickly escalated to a full blown street competition with people travelling from all over to skate York’s limited skate terrain. Throughout the course of the day we hit up a load of street spots, two skateparks and an after party at a bar in town where we watched Begging For Scraps (the full length York vid) and some other local flicks and nursed some well needed booze and food. I would later learn there was a total of four trips to A&E with dislocated knees and broken bones, unlucky lads!

There was some great skating going on all day and luckily Luke Porter from Plastic Fortunes was on hand to document to event and I’m pleased to announce that the edit is ready for viewing pleasure!

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